some good tips for you to improve your tablet pc

After the great success of the ipad, and the Google android OS enter the market to rapidly get the share, there are now many cheap and affordable tablet pcs going into the market. They are so attractive and inexpensive. If you already have one, I would recommend some ways to improve your beloved tablet pc:

1) Manage your tablet pc’s power wisely. Turnning off those unused services such as Wifi, Bluetooh, GPS. For example, if you are editing document with Google doc, then just turn off the GPS to save power. The consume much of the power actually. It help you to opreate longer without the need for recharging.Moreover,you should adjust the screen to an appropriate brightness level. The default setting of the tablet pc might be a bit brighter. We could save power by adjusting that down to a appropriate level

2) Using remote desktop software to connect to your pc at home or at workplace. This allows you to make use of a higher CPU power (X86 series! Adjust the screen to a suitable brightness level. As long as your internet connection is stable and secure, you can do all the stuff just like you are seating at home or at the office. Moreover, there is an additional advantage that we don’t have to synchronize the files. It is because you are using the same files no matter you are on the road, at your home or at your office through the remote desktop.

3) Try the online services (A.K.A. Could Computing) to replace CPU-intensive applications. There are many online services now to replace traditional PC programs. They are using cloud technology and that means they are not using the CPU power of your tablet PC but instead they are using the power of their server. For instance, sumopaint is an online service that trying to help you editing pictures online. Google doc is a famous free online office replacement. There are many on the web and we expect more to come. These are the services that will not create pressure for our CPU.

4) Use external handy and tiny real keyboard and mini holding rack when doing typing job. There are some lightweight small keyboards in the market can be put into a tablet pc bag. If you do a typing job, you can use that to improve the typing experience. In addition, there are some mini racks designed for holding up the table pc and you will be more comfortable when typing and will not have neck sore after typing for long hours.

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