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1MDB Probe Shows Malaysian Leader Najib Spent Millions on Luxury Goods
Of the apparent personal spending, one of the most regular recipients of funds from Mr. Najib’s accounts was Jakel Trading Bhd., a Malaysian luxury clothing retailer. … —Giada Zampano, Manuela Mesco and Ahmed Al Omran contributed to this article.
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Singapore’s Tudor Homes Offer Luxury in Black and White
Singapore is known for its modern high-rises and small spaces, but scattered around the city are scores of prized properties that offer a different way of life: stately Tudor homes resting on wide swaths of green that preserve a piece of the city’s …
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Luxury-Rental Plan Abandoned at Manhattan’s One57 Condo Tower
Luxury rentals are proliferating in Manhattan as buyers of pricey condos, in many cases out-of-town investors, take possession of their apartments then quickly list them for lease. The added supply is pushing down rents for the most-expensive units.
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