Ladies Golf – Many Ways to Learn

As it is been for many years the largest growing segment of new players in the game of golf is ladies golf. Research from the PGA of America shows, avid female golfers play 72 rounds of golf a year versus avid male golfers that play 74 rounds a year.

Ladies Golf Instruction –

Golf instruction for ladies comes in many different forms. Some ladies like to learn any one-on-one setting in a private golf lesson. Other ladies prefer to learn the game while attending a ladies group clinic or a women’s golf school. Many ladies prefer learning in a group and this seems to be less intimidating to them as it is just not them in the golf professional. Not all golf professionals are scary! They are there to help you.

Ladies Golf Equipment –

Although the slice no ladies golf equipment is still lacking it is getting better and better. Depending on your skill level, a regular ladies shaft may not weigh enough and maybe too flexible for you. At that point, you would have to look into some other options such as senior shafts. No matter your skill level, you will want to get club fitting for your new set. Again, depending on your skill level you may not need an entire set of clubs and you could save some money while enjoying swinging the clubs that you can hit well.

Ladies Golf Webinars –

A webinar is an easy cost-effective way for you to learn the game online. Ladies only sessions can cover multiple topics including fundamentals of the grip, stance and posture, backswing and forward swing. Webinars are also great tool for beginners as they can ask questions such as what is a typical dress code or other etiquette questions.

Ladies Golf Bags –

Ladies golf bags come in many colors and give you the ability to personalize your golf experience. There are basically two types of ladies golf bags. One being a stand bag and the other being a cart bag. The Stand bag can be used by those of you that like to walk and get some exercise. The ladies cart bag is as it sounds. Due to its weight, it is usually put on a golf car while the player rides during the round.

Ladies Golf Books –

Different people like to learn in different formats. A good option for you may be to learn the game out of a golf book. Many top instructors have written golf books. However, you will need to make sure that is written your skill level. Simply meaning, if you are a beginner, you do not need a very technical book just a golf book that will teach you the basics.

Ladies Golf Training Aids –

Players of all skill levels use golf training aids. Just because you use training aids does not mean that you’re a bad player. Many ladies use golf training aids as well as putting training aids to improve their game. Using practice aids is an easy and effective way to improve your game. With this being said, you must have the correct training aid to address the problem with your golf swing.

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