How to secure the Best Black Friday Car Deal?

It is just a couple of days before the greatest sale of the year begins. This year, Black Friday is on 27th November. And, it is considered one of the best times of the year to buy a car. Here’s why?

Numbers prove it

Last year, 17.2 million cars were sold during November. The majority of the cars were sold during the long weekend of Thanksgiving. Experts believe that almost same number of people will be shopping for a new car this year as well.

Dealer’s Discount and Manufacturer’s Incentives

As the 2016 car models are available for sale, dealers will offer huge discounts on the 2015 car models. It is because they want to empty their inventory of 2015 car models. Also, the manufacturers will provide incentives for buying this year’s car models. It means you can get the best of both worlds and enjoy buying a brand new car at reduced prices.

Why prepare for Black Friday Car Shopping?

It has become a tradition for many families to shop for cars during the long weekend of Thanksgiving. It gives them an opportunity to inspect the car at leisure without worrying about their job schedule. Several families will be present at the dealership lot when you go to buy a car. Everyone will be vying for the salesmen’s attention. In order to obtain the best Black Friday car deal, it is important that you go well prepared.

Tips for securing the Best Black Friday Car Deal

1. Create your Car Budget

If you are passionate about cars, your left-brain may influence your decisions. So, it is important to create a car budget by analyzing your current financial situation, credit score and future expenses. It will help you in calculating your expected monthly payments.

Once you have your car budget ready, search for car models within your budget. Make use of internet and read the reviews of the shortlisted car models.

2. Contact the Dealerships prior to your Visit

You won’t be the only one shopping for a car over the Thanksgiving weekend. Every dealership in your area will witness an astounding number of footfalls. In order to ensure a stress-free experience, call the dealerships beforehand. There is no need of providing detailed information of trade-in or auto financing. Simply ask the dealers to e-mail you the vehicle quotes. It will help you in short-listing dealerships according to the price.

3. Don’t be Emotional

Black Friday car shopping is an emotional process. The salesmen may tempt you with exciting discounts and deals. But, you must stick to your car budget. It will help you in staying on top of monthly payments.

Also, it is essential to stay calm and composed during the negotiation process. Do not forget to check all the fees in detail. You can negotiate the fees charged by the dealer such as “dealer’s fee”, “dealer prep charges” and “marketing fee”.

Holidays make us emotional. But, it is important to have a practical approach to the entire Black Friday car shopping process. It is because only then you will be able to secure the best car deal.

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