How to kick-start ‘agile’ on your marketing team

How to kick-start 'agile' on your marketing team
If there are other marketers within your company that have experience with Agile, that's a huge advantage because they'll be able to provide insights that non-marketers won't. Remember that Agile was originally developed for software development, not …
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Exploring the gimmicks of marketing
This is why corporations spend hefty amounts of their operating budget on marketing to fuel sales and hence, get a bigger 'bang for the buck'. However, a good marketing campaign is both an art and a science, and very often advertisers are tempted to …
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Pitch Perfect: How Universal's Digital Marketing Helped It Have The Best Year Ever
Michael Moses, Universal's copresident of worldwide marketing, attributes the studio's strong digital presence to its "transmedia" approach to marketing, meaning that there is no church-state divide between traditional and digital media anymore—they …
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