Golf Webinars – The New Way to Learn How to Play Golf

Many people are confused about the term “Webinar” and so they have not participated in a “Golf Webinar” before. So what is it? Really it is just a seminar placed or shown on the web.

Web + Seminar = Webinar!

Golf Webinar
To attend a webinar you would click an invitation link to be present for the webinar. Once inside and figuratively seated, you can interact with the host by asking questions and they will respond directly to you! This is how we can help you from literally anywhere!

Here are some of the topics we cover in the Wireless Golf Coach Webinars:

What is a golf webinar? – Very simply put it is an online golf seminar. It can come in a couple of different forms. It could be a pre-recorded presentation on a certain topic. For example, if you were attending a putting webinar, a presentation could be shown over the fundamentals of putting. Another form would be a live webinar.

Ladies Golf Webinar – Ladies only sessions cover multiple topics including how to not let your husband bother you while you are trying to practice or play, why ladies clubs are not always the best choice for ladies and all of the how-to’s of swinging the golf club and having fun playing your best.
Free Golf Webinar – This is as it sounds! Yes, from time to time we do it for free! Wireless Golf Coach wants to help everybody improve their game. The topics vary and include all aspects of the game. Keep a look out for them on the Wireless Golf Coach FanPage.

Full Swing Golf Webinar – We cover all aspects and answer any questions that you may have about the full swing. This could include how to rip your driver or how to better hit your irons. What is great about using this medium is that we can show you how it is done and you can show us how you are doing it and ask any questions that you may have.

Putting Golf Webinar – Improving your putting is the fastest way to improve your scores! Topics include various grips, stances as well as how to better control your distance and direction. Which one is more important? See you on the webinar!

Short Game Golf Webinar – Covers any shot that you may take from 100 yards or closer to the hole. These shots could include chipping, pitching, lob shots, flop shots and bunker play.

Course Management Golf Webinar – Do you simply walk to the center of the teeing ground and tee off? It really does not matter your handicap, everyone can benefit from better managing themselves and their abilities on the golf course. This does not mean that you are not aggressive. It simply means that you play to your strengths.

Mental Game Golf Webinar – This one goes along-side your course management. Are you a very good caddy for yourself? Would you say things to others that you say to yourself on the golf course? We talk about how your attitude can make your score go up or down depending on how you manage it.

Beginner Golf Webinar – These shows we will cover the very basics of the game including how to make a tee time (also known as a starting time), golf course dress codes, what you should carry in your golf bag, golf definitions and any other questions that you may have.

Junior Golf Webinar – These discussions are broken into two different sections, one being for the actual juniors and another for the parents to keep the game fun and their children interested in the game of golf.

Golf Club Fitting Webinar – Learn about what goes into receiving a quality club fitting. How do you find a reputable club fitter, why I do not think you just hit that 7-iron 200 years even though the launch monitor said so as well as very technical topics made easy to understand such as what is torque and why it is important.

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