Direct Marketing with Postcard Marketing

The stopping power is the capability that maximizes the return on your direct mail marketing investment. So, if you want to boost your business you need to start stopping power of your postcard.

Here, are three ways to increase your direct mail marketing response with stopping power.


Relevance means that your offers must match with your audience needs and wants. It has two parts itself. First, you should know what your target audience is and then find what are their needs? You should communicate with your target audience in a way that can on that capitalize knowledge.

Direct mail marketing provides you the ability to segment your mailing list. It tailors your message than most marketing channels. You can organize your highly targeted mailing list with database for your postcard marketing.


There should be only one idea per postcard. Express your goal with your postcard message. Each postcard marketing campaign should contain the explanation of one product, one event, one idea, one service, one objective. The more dilute your message the more you can know about your audience.

The best feature of postcard marketing is that the reader gets them right away. They have singular focus, singular objective and singular idea. One postcard marketing campaign can’t fill with multiple topics. You can add your multiple topics on your website, booklets and brochures but not on a postcard. If you will put too much information on your postcard confined space, then it will be unapproachable to many readers because it may confuse them.


Here, is a best formula to keep your postcard simple and clean. A simple and clean postcard can attract many readers attention and a strong message on it can evoke a response;

For stopping power, you need to make a billboard side and message side. It is the greatest form of stopping power because it is a light on copy and heavy message. A killer headline, eye catchy graphics, and relevant message can give your postcard an immediate value.

The billboard side will leave off while message side picks up. It will deliver the promise and will tell the readers what to do nest. It can also offer some kind of reward to the readers.

Thus, these are simple strategies of stopping power that can get your target consumer’s eye. It can simply boost your business response rate. Try this out, today!