10 Things You Can Create With Canva With Zero Effort

You might have heard of Canva and may even use it already to create logos, social media posts, photo collages, or blog banners. But this easy-to-use graphic design tool can do so much more than you might know.

For both business and personal use, take a look at these awesome things you can create with Canva in an instant.

1. Book Covers

canva book cover

If you’re an author, then creating a cover for your book is simple with Canva. To get started, select a Canva layout from the many free options available. From cookbooks to romance novels, you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

Click the layout you want and then select the text elements to add your own details. If you like the layout but prefer a different image, you can simply add your own.

2. Event Invitations

canva invitation

For weddings, birthday parties, charity events, and more, Canva offers terrific invitation options. Just like with the book covers, select a layout and then click the elements to adjust the text.

You can change the font style, size, color, and formatting for anything that you design. You can even adjust the letter spacing, line height, alignment, and transparency.

Another nice feature of Canva that comes in handy with invitations is the sharing options. You can post it right on Twitter and Facebook or grab a link to it to share on your own social networks of choice.

3. YouTube Channel Art

canva youtube

Do you have your own YouTube channel? Then you can make it stand out with awesome art. Check out layouts for music, beauty, nature, food, gaming, and many others.

Every element on the design can be changed, rearranged, or removed. This gives you complete flexibility to create the artwork you want.

When you finish, just download the design as a JPG, PNG, or PDF file. It’s that easy!

4. Etsy Shop Covers and Icons

canva etsy shop

If you sell your goods on Etsy, draw some attention to your shop with a cool cover or icon. Canva offers both of these for selling products like gifts, accessories, clothing, and fragrances.

What’s great about using Canva for these designs is that they are already sized for you. The Etsy shop cover is 1200 x 300 pixels and the Etsy shop icon is 500 x 500 pixels. So, just change the wording and images as needed and you’re set.

5. Business Cards

canva business card

Many applications can handle business card creations, including Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop. However, Canva can also help you create a new business card.

From casual to elegant, you can pick from a large variety of business card layouts. If you send your cards via email or post them on social media, the link feature is ideal. Just select the design element, click the Link button from the top navigation, type or paste your URL into the box, and hit Apply.

6. Infographic Resumes

canva resume

If you are in an industry where an infographic resume would benefit you, take a look at Canva’s offerings. The layouts are clean, professional, and help highlight your skills, experience, and accomplishments in numerous ways.

For example, you can choose a resume layout that shows off your skills using a one to five scale. Or, you can pick one that has a set spot for awards you have received. And remember, if you like a layout but not the placement of the elements, just click to rearrange them.

You can select entire blocks of elements to move or use the Ungroup button from the top to separate what’s inside. If you ever make a change that you don’t like, just hit that Undo button on the top-left navigation.

7. Gift Certificates

canva gift certificate

Maybe your business sells gift certificates. You can design them for holidays, seasons, or all year round. For dining, drinks, or other types of gifts, there is a large collection of layouts.

You don’t have to just use the gift certificate layouts for that, you can also create coupons to hand out to your customers. If you are offering a discount on your services, Canva gives you a great way to advertise it.

Another feature that’s convenient for gift certificates is that you can order prints directly from Canva. Just pick your print format, choose your print options, and begin your order. You will see the pricing right up front, which is awesome.

8. Yearbook Covers

canva yearbook

If you are in charge of your school’s yearbook cover, then you’re in luck. Canva has layouts that your yearbook committee will love.

You can simply choose a layout and update the cover for your school or go all out and pay for a complete theme. This is a nice option that includes a table of contents, photo spots, and an autograph page at the end.

Note that some yearbook cover layouts may not be free. But this is easy to see when you hover your mouse over the pages of the theme because a dollar sign will appear on those you’ll have to pay for.

9. CD Covers

canva cd cover

For musicians, the perfect album cover is essential and Canva has layouts for all music types. Pick from genres like symphonies, metal, lullabies, or country.

The sharing options could come in handy for getting your fellow band members opinions on it. Click the Share button from the top, add the email addresses, and then select either Can edit or Can view. This is a wonderful way to collaborate with others on the design.

10. Restaurant Menus

canva menu

Do you need a little help designing a menu for your shop, cafe, or restaurant? Then look no further because Canva has great menu choices.

From decadent desserts to tasty ales, designing your menu is easy. Since you can edit or delete each element, group or ungroup them, and rotate or resize the boxes, you have full flexibility. And note that if you have a longer menu, you can click the Add a new page button to keep on creating.

Get Creative With Canva

As you can see, Canva offers much more than designs for logos, social media posts, collages, and banners. And the best part is that you don’t need any kind of design experience. The tool is so simple to use that you can create professional looking designs in a instant.